SHFL is located @ 3801 Polk Street

Houston, Texas 77003

Doors open at 8pm for all shows unless otherwise specified


March 6th:

Milky Wayv


March 8th:

Castaway Radio

Piqued Jacks


March 9th:

The Historians

The Medicine Years

Ghost Rocket


March 12th-25th

SXSW Overflow Fest

$8 per night or $24 for all 14 days! Right now there are over 70 bands confirmed!
Email or call 713-543-0953 for festival passes!


Thur March 12th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Dan Blakslee - 9pm - 10pm..

(Maine - Folk)

Kristen Ford - 10pm - 11pm.

(Boston - Rock, Indie, Folk)

Tony Banks - 11pm - 12am.

(Boston - Bear Hip Hop)

Chop 12am-1am

(Houston - Emcee)

Zahi 12am-1am

(Houston - Hip Hop)

Genesis Blue 12am - 1am

(Houston - Hip Hop)


Fri March 13th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

The Shift - 9pm - 10pm.

(NYC - Rock)

Ry Bradley - 10pm - 11pm..

(California - Country Rock)

SLEEZE - 11pm.


featuring lead singer ISAAC HARE (the son of Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein of the MISFITS)


Sat March 14th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Merilette - 9pm..

(San Antonio - Pop)

Birthday Candles - 10pm.

(Florida - Alternative Indie Punk)

SEX//TAPE 11pm.

(Toronto - R&B)

Luca - 12am..

(College Station - Indie Rock)

Civeta Dei - 1am..

(Wallis TX - Indie Rock)


Sunday March 15th:

Small Houses - 8pm.

(Philadelphia - Alternative Country)

Vio/Miré 9pm..

(Rhode Island - Ambient Indie Folk)

The Bottom Dollars - 10pm..

(Brooklyn - Rock 'N' Soul)

Not A Planet - 11pm..

(Kansas City -  Indie Rock)

Heavy Lights - 12am..

(Maryland - Experimental Indie Pop Rock)

Captiva - 1am.

(Kansas City - Indie/Funk/Hip-Hop)


Mon March 16th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Chuckie Cambell and Fresh Kils - 5pm-6pm.

(Buffalo - Hip Hop)

Frank Mayson - 6pm - 6:50pm.

(Georgia - Hip Hop)

Amigo - 6:50pm - 7:40.

(North Carolina - Alt Country/Americana Fun)

Hey Monea! - 7:40pm - 8:30pm.

(Ohio - Rock)

Laser Background - 8:30pm - 9:20pm.

(Philadelphia - Pop Candy Dream Magic Psych)

Paperhaus - 9:20pm - 10:10pm.

(Washington D.C. - Psychedelic Rock)

A-Bomb (With DJ Wes Green) - 10:10pm - 11pm.

(Atlanta - Hip Hop)

DAMS - 11pm - 11:50pm.

(Atlanta - prog-soul)

The Everymen - 11:50pm - 12:40am.

(New Jersey - Rock & Roll)

Lala Lala 12:40am - 1:30am..

(Chicago - all girl rock)


Tues March 17th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Sol Driven Train 7pm - 8pm.

(Charleston - Brass-Kickin' Roots Rock)

The O'My's 8pm - 9pm..

(Chicago - Rock-soul funk)

Pree 9pm-10pm..

(Washington D.C. - Experimental Psych-Pop)

Drew Price 10pm-11pm.

(Birmingham - Rock and Relax)

Plains 11pm-12am.

(Alabama - Rock and Roll)

Shellshag 12am- 1am.

(Brooklyn - Indie)

Mothercoat - 1am - 2am..

(Japan - Lowpop Style)


Wed March 18

SXSW Overflow Fest

Quel Night 8pm - 9pm..

(Houston - Indie Rock / Indie Pop)

Lindy Vision 9pm - 10pm.

(Albuquerque - Electro-Indie Rock)

Mary Bue 10pm - 11pm..

(Duluth - Pop)

The Lucky Dutch 11pm - 12am.

(Chicago - Blues Rock)

The Black Clouds 12am - 1am..

(New Jersey - Rock/Alternative)

Noiseheads 1 am - 2am..

(Florida - Alternative)


Thur March 19

SXSW Overflow Fest

Kris Smith

Bourbon and Coffee 9pm - 10pm..

(Buffalo - Transcendental Rock Poetry)

Oil - 10pm - 11pm..

(Colorado - minimalist)

The Tins 11pm -12am.

(Buffalo - Indie/pop/rock)

Army of Infants 12am -12:30am..

(Ohio - blues, doo-wop)

Shitstorm 12:30am -1am..

(St. Louis - Garage Punk)


Fri March 20th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Tyto Alba 9pm - 10pm.

(Denver - indie rock)

Askultura 10pm - 11pm.

(Miami - Rumba Punk Ska)

Q Dot 11pm -12am.

(Washington - #17 on Itunes Hip-Hop chart)

Crown Larks 12am - 1am..

(Chicago - fake faust v noiz / wannabe big fun-house)

Motion Theatre 1am - 2am.

(West Virginia - Rock)


Sat March 21st:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Craving Strange 8pm-9pm..

(Amityville NY - Alternative/Rock)

Π 9pm - 10pm.

(Austin - psychedelia/garage/experimental)

Michael Turnini 10pm - 11pm.

(Shiner TX - Folk Punk Acoustic Rock)

Tail Light Rebellion 11pm - 12am..

(Boston - Boogie Box Beat & Dirty Dance Folk)

Bür Gür 12am -1am..

(LA - Noise Pop)

American Martens 1am - 2am..

(Houston - Indie)


Sun March 22nd:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Outside at Night 4pm - 5pm..

(Houston - Emo, Pop Punk)

Ghost Rocket 5pm - 6pm..

(Houston - Loud Noises, Beard Rock)

Vita and the Woolf 6pm - 7pm.

(Philly indie-pop)

Psychiatric Metaphors 7pm - 8pm..

(New Jersey - Psychedelic/Space/Garage/Punk)

The Off White 8pm - 9pm..

(New jersey - Punk/Psychedelic/Garage)

Chief Scout 9pm - 10pm.

(Athens - Psychy groovy punky rock)

Grounders 10pm - 11pm.

(Toronto - Avant-Pop)

Kill Lincoln 11pm -12am..

(D.C. - Punk/Ska)

Doctor Gasp 12am - 1am..

(Maine - Halloween Rock)

I am Love 1am - 2am.

(Philly weirdo rock)


Mon March 23rd:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Bell's Roar - 7pm - 8pm.

(Bronx - synthpop, soul, post rock)

Daphne Lee Martin 8pm - 9pm..

(Connecticut - Singer songwriter)

Kristen Cothron and The Darkside 9pm - 10pm.

(Nashville - Alt./Pop/Rock)

Tutlie 10pm - 11pm.

(Philly indie-pop)

Autumn Electric 11pm - 12am..

(Seattle - Symphonic Progressive Rock)

Tall Tall Trees 12am - 1am.

NYC - Psychedelic folk banjo)


Tue March 24th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

Jonnie Morgan Band 8pm - 9pm.

(Orlando - Alternative Rock, Pop)

Pommez Internacional 9pm - 10pm..

(Argentina - South American Rock)

Skyler 10pm - 11pm..

(Boston - Pop/Rock/Acoustic)

Island of Black and White 11pm - 12am.

(California - Acoustic rock, Reggae, Blues)

Death of Paris 12am - 1am.

(South Carolina - electro // pop // rock)

Signs of Iris 1am - 2am.



Wed March 25th:

SXSW Overflow Fest

A Wasted Effort 9pm - 10pm..

(Omaha - New Age Rock n' Roll)

Alexa Dexa 10pm - 11pm..

(NYC - Toy instrument pop)

Height 11pm- 12:30am..

(Baltimore - Rap)

Passalacqua 11pm- 12:30am..

(Detroit - Rap)

Eze Jackson 11pm- 12:30am..

(Baltimore - Rap)

Nobody & Himself


March 27th:

The Attic Ends


March 28th:

SHFL Annual Yearly Anniversary Party

Old #12

The Annoysters

Buster Whilaby and The Gimp

Street Intelligent

Cisco Nonother


April 9th

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


April 11th:

Little Child Man


April 18th:

The Forest 17k




Guatamala Sosa


April 23rd

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


April 25th


May 7th

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


May 21st

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


May 22nd:

Dr. Dan's Pancake Roadshow

with Dancakes

Psyche Squared

The Uncredibles


June 13th OT 2yo

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


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