SHFL is located @ 3801 Polk Street

Houston, Texas 77003

Doors open at 8pm for all shows unless otherwise specified



April 23rd

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


April 24th:

Emo Girls

The Bad Drugs

Shut Up Sidney


April 25th

Protists of Nebula
Garbage Mask
Hell Garbage
Tanner G
Funeral Parlor
Johnathan Valdez
Cyclops Joint


April 26th:

Pharaoh After Man

Bad Luck


April 28th:

Dragons Head

Paper Sparrow

Ramond Saenz

Tony Badd


May 1st


May 2nd:

Private Party


May 3rd:

North by North


May 4th


May 7th

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


May 8th:

All Boy/All Girl


May 9th:

Narciso Studios Art Opening

The Traveling Live Art Canvas


May 12th:

Stubbily Mug


John Ibe & Drez Kle


May 13th:

Matt Hectorne

Broken String Theory


May 17th:

Sunday Streets Party



May 18th:

Korbe Canida


May 21st

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


May 22nd:

Dr. Dan's Pancake Roadshow

with Dancakes

The Uncredibles


May 27th:

Marion Walker


June 1st:

The Louisiana Purchase

Evening Crowd

Duo Contra

Tracks in Motion


June 4th:

Two By Sea


June 11th


June 12th:


Paper Sparrow

Itsy Bitsy

Dead Leslies


June 13th:

Odd Thursday 2 Year Anniversary Party!

Odd Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night


June 13th:



June 14th:


Mother Ghost


June 18th:




june 19th


June 20th:



June 23rd:



June 27th - June 28th

US Social Forum Houston Satellite


June 29th:

Mary Jane's Affair


July 1st

Matthew Azrieli


July 6th:

Victory! Victory!


July 25th


July 30th:

Killer Ghost


Aug 1st:

FLOWriety Show


Sept 23-27


Sept 26th


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